10 ways to fall asleep faster, it works!

Here are 10 ways to fall asleep faster and better! And the best thing is… That it works!

  1. Try setting your temperature to 18°c, if you do that you will get a better night sleep and fall asleep faster!
  2. Try eating a spoonful of honey before bed!
  3. This one is to good to be true! If you have a pet then pet it before bed and that will calm you down and relax you!
  4. If you sleep on your left side then you fall asleep faster!
  5. This is one of my favorites, the 4-7-8 breathing method, so here is how you do it: You start by breathing in for 4 seconds, then you hold your breath for 7 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds, repeat this 4 times and then you will get really relaxed! As simple as it can get!
  6. Many people take a shower or a bath in the mornings, well try to take a warm bath (or shower) in the evening right before bed!
  7. This is a thinking method, lay down in your bed and close your eyes. Then start thinking of all the random objects that you can think of! Like this: Unicorn, poo emoji, did I go to the toilet? Am I thirsty? And keep on going for about 15 seconds and then go to bed! This will help you so that you don’t get stressed of things that your thinking about!
  8. Get a massage! Getting a massage can help you fall faster asleep!
  9. Legs up! Lay down on the bed and lean your legs on the wall, this is a relaxing yoga possition!
  10. Try setting an alarm for when to go to bed! Sleeping the same amount of time every night improves your health and you won’t be tired in the daytime!

I hope this works for you! Tell me wich one works best, I’d love to know!



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