So this is my first everyday life post and please tell me if you like it!


So today I woke up really early, I don’t know why though. I facetimed my BFF and we wrote a new blog post on our new friendship blog! Check out her blog here. An hour or so after this I went and bought new shoes for my confirmation! They are white and black adidas shoes and I really like them. You might know what type of shoes they are, they are called superstar shoes. Here is a photo of them:

Related image

So yeah, I really wanted to be different. Not wear high heals or anything close to that. So now I’m back home and I’m enjoying writing this blog post! Tonight I’m going to my cousins house to watch a song contest called Eurovision, you might know it!

So that is basically my day, not to complicated. Please tell me if you want more of these posts or not. Bye!





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