3 easy but good after school/work snacks

Do you ever feel really hungry after school or work but you just can’t figure out what to make? Well here I have the perfect snacks for you.


A smoothie

If you are really tired and don’t feel like making something that takes a long time, just make a smoothie!

Image result for smoothie

Here are some ideas of a smoothie that you could make:

  • Berry smoothie
  • Vanilla smothie
  • Summery smoothie

I made a post with some smoothie recipe a while ago so you should go check it out for the recipies!


Egg toast

This toast I make really often and I really like it. It’s pretty easy to make and it tastes really good.

Image result for egg toast


  • 1 slice of bread/toast
  • 1 egg
  • Butter or oil (I prefer the butter for better taste)


  • Heat a pan to medium high heat and leave it there to warm up
  • Take your bread slice and cut a circle in the middle, the circle should be around 3-4 cm long and wide
  • Put some butter on your pan and melt it, then spread it all over your pan
  • Now place the toast in the middle of the pan.
  • Break your egg into the circle on your bread and pop the egg yolk.
  • Let the egg cook on the bread and when its well cooked flip the bread.
  • When the egg is totally cooked put your bread on a plate and enjoy!

I prefer having a little bit of ketchup with but it’s totally your choise.


Mini omelet

Image result for egg omelet

This omelet is really tasty and quick. It takes around 5 min and the time is worth it!


  • 1-3 eggs (depends on how hungry you are)
  • 1 slice of Ham


  • Put your egg/s into a bowl and mix really well.
  • Add your ham into your eggs and blend.
  • Heat your pan and put some oil on it
  • Now pour the egg/s onto the pan until cooked, flip after 2 minutes if possible or just wait.


And thats it! 3 easy and good snacks, I hope you liked them!












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