I’m a 13 year old teenage girl that lives in Iceland. I love writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas. I really love the nature, animals and I also like cooking and baking. Here on this blog I’m going to share a lot of awesome things with you and also just my life!

Some people would say that I am just a normal teenage girl in Iceland that likes sharing her thoughts. Others would say I’m crazy or special or awesome or boring or nice or even fun I don’t know.

I love animals because they are so sweet, nice (they can also be mean) and fluffy. I don’t have a pet right now but I used to have bunnies, fish, a hamster and a parrot. No, I didn’t have them all at the same time but I loved them all the same amount.

I also love cooking and baking! And that’s why i’ll be sharing a lot of recipes that i like or even that i made.

Then I’m also gonna be sharing thing with you! Things that i think are interesting, fun or nice!

And last but not least my life! I’ll write about my life and what I do, what interesting has happened too me and all those fun things!


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