One night ultimate werewolf! (board game)

Yesterday I got a new awesome board game, and it's called One night ultimate werewolf. This is in no doubt my favorite board game EVER! You should totally try it. So the game is all about finding out who the werewolf-s are. There are a lot of characters, and each character has a different task.... Continue Reading →



Hi! So this is my first everyday life post and please tell me if you like it!   So today I woke up really early, I don't know why though. I facetimed my BFF and we wrote a new blog post on our new friendship blog! Check out her blog here. An hour or so... Continue Reading →

My confirmation!

So in April I'm getting confirmated! If you don't know what that means, it basically means I'm saying I belive in god, jesus and all those things. Well here i want to share my thoughts and ideas for my confirmation dress, party and look! First ofall I'm gonna show you guys my dress!    ... Continue Reading →

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