My confirmation!

So in April I'm getting confirmated! If you don't know what that means, it basically means I'm saying I belive in god, jesus and all those things. Well here i want to share my thoughts and ideas for my confirmation dress, party and look! First ofall I'm gonna show you guys my dress!    ... Continue Reading →


10 ways to fall asleep faster, it works!

Here are 10 ways to fall asleep faster and better! And the best thing is... That it works! Try setting your temperature to 18°c, if you do that you will get a better night sleep and fall asleep faster! Try eating a spoonful of honey before bed! This one is to good to be true!... Continue Reading →

The best Oatmeal cookies!

Okay, You HAVE TO try this!  These are the best oatmeal cookies ever! You can put chocolate, raisins or whatever in them! This recipe makes either 10 big cookies or 15 small. So here the recipe is: 2 dl brown sugar 2 dl white sugar 150 gr butter 2 eggs 2 dl flour 1 tsp... Continue Reading →

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